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"It is my privilege to introduce to you Peter Huang. I have had the honor of walking with Peter for many years now as a mentor and friend. He has served my ministry for many years as well. I can vouch that Peter is a young man full of integrity and honor. He is a family man and is a leader in his local church. He is also a gifted young prophetic voice who is very gifted in empowering others with hearing the voice of the Lord and raising up other young prophets. I have been so tremendously blessed through his life. It is with a sincere heart that I recommend Peter and his prophetic ministry to you."

Daniel Black, Love Fest Global, USA, Director

"We have had the pleasure of knowing Peter since he joined our church as a young single man in 2015, and over the years we have witnessed his growth and fruitfulness as a husband, father, church leader, and prophetic minister! 


Over the last few years, Peter has been especially instrumental in equipping our church to grow in hearing the voice of God and operating in the prophetic and has contributed greatly towards cultivating a healthy prophetic culture where there are both freedom and empowerment as well as discernment and accountability. He also grew our prophetic ministry from scratch, forming and equipping a team of lay leaders that ministers regularly in our church community and on missions, greatly encouraging and edifying believers as well as helping non-believers encounter God powerfully! 


As we have been walking closely with Peter and his family, we have also been able to witness his integrity, character, and humility in his personal and home life. Furthermore, he continues to serve as an elder of one of our missional communities and has faithfully laid down his life to shepherd the flock with grace and wisdom.


Without any reservation, we are honoured to recommend and endorse Peter Huang as an anointed and trustworthy “Ephesians 4” minister in the prophetic, called by God to equip and strengthen the broader Church for such a time as this!"

Jason and Juliana Young, Roundtable Church, Hong Kong, Founding Pastor and Senior Pastor

"Our church is called Malkoshe Church, C&MA, and we had invited Peter Huang to come to our church a few times to serve as our prophetic training minister. I got to know Peter through Daniel Black who also was a speaker for our training camp and seminars. When Daniel came to preach, he also brought a team of prayer leaders with him to serve us, and Peter was part of the prayer team. 

At that time, he impressed me with his passion for the prophetic and people. Even though he could not speak local Cantonese fluently, we still decided to invite him to come and serve us. Since our church has been raised in a conservative evangelical background and we were new to the works of the Holy Spirit. As we assess our spiritual situation, teaching the Bible is our strong suit as we put a lot of effort into exploring the person, gifts, and works of the Holy Spirit. However, we need someone passionate about pursuing the Holy Spirit and who has a lot of personal experiences in encountering Him too. We found out that Peter is not only gifted in the prophetic and has just recently been ordained into the office of prophetic. And He also has had much experience in training others in the prophetic practically. 

When he taught us during our prophetic workshop, Peter was quite prepared, articulated, and communicated well with our congregation. He is not only passionate about this subject and he’s not only well prepared but also has a pastoral heart for people. He’s also a very creative person in helping us to practice our prophetic gifts so we can build up our faith in the works of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we appreciate him for coming and spending his precious time in training and equipping us in using our prophetic gifts so that we can grow in this area and be able to bless others. Now, prophetic prayer is one of the most important ways in our outreach ministry. We are very thankful that we have the opportunity to receive his teaching and training, and we love to continue to partner with him in the future in promoting the works of the Holy Spirit.

Here is our response and feedback on Peter’s training sessions at our church and hope that God will continue to bless him and use him powerfully and nationally in the future."

Jason Szeto, Malkoshe Church, C&MA, Hong Kong, Associate Pastor

"I would like to introduce Peter Huang to you. Over the last several years, Peter has come to minister in our church. Our people love Peter, because he is anointed by God, but is a sincere and approachable person at the same time. There are a lot of people who profess to walk with the Lord, but Peter is one whom we have seen first-hand show the real Christ-likeness to people all around him. We have had the pleasure of staying in Peter’s home and have seen that he is the same person at home as he is in church. Peter has a genuine anointing from the Lord, and I am proud to call him one of my friends and fellow ministers.


One cannot give to others what they do not possess, and this is especially true about Peter. His experience and walk with the Lord go deep in his own personal walk. What is so captivating is he can open your eyes to new truths and captivate your heart for the Kingdom of God. Ministry would not be complete without accountability and this I have found and cherish, as Peter is so humble and accountable to the Lord and to the Body of Christ as well.


As I think about all those who sat and listened to Jesus share, reminding myself that the thousands sitting also had different perspectives of what and how to apply the message they were receiving for themselves. Peter is able to share with such clarity that people can go away and apply the principles that he has taught in their daily lives. I am proud to recommend Peter Huang to you as a true minister of the Word of God."

Steve and Andrea McGowan, Pak Chong Fellowship, Thailand, Senior Pastors

"Peter Huang is a genuine person. To respond to our calling sometimes we are trying to be like somebody else. We may be influenced by others but we have to embrace who we are in Christ. That is the thing that I see in my brother Peter Huang. We spent many times in ministry together with Love Fest Global in the past. He was just ordained as a Prophet of the nations in his church and I believe it is not an easy task to do but by God's grace and spiritual giftings in his life, Peter will surely be a blessing to many people in many nations that God sends him. Peter will be a sound of the Kingdom to many generations. Beware when you are near him, many times he is so electric touched by God and imparts the electric atmosphere to others, fire comes and fire changes."

Tommy Sanger, City Shakers Church, Indonesia, Pastor

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