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All Can Prophesy is a ministry that exists to facilitate interactive experiences to empower everyone to hear God’s voice to transform their world


All Can Prophesy is a ministry that empowers people in the prophetic to see the heart of God in everyday life. For too long the prophetic has been contained within the church building. We believe God wants to bring His voice and influence into all of society. So whether you are a full-time parent, a worker in a corporate job, a business owner, or a student, God wants to give you divine inspiration through the gift of prophecy.

We believe through the prophetic we can partner with God to co-create new realities and pave pathways into possibilities. Therefore we believe everyone can access God's voice and thoughts regarding any situation or challenge. The prophetic brings clarity and wisdom that allows us to enter realities we never thought were possible! Because of this, we offer opportunities that will empower you to hear God’s voice.

Our Story

Since 2007, Peter Huang first encountered the Holy Spirit on the island of Oahu where he was born and raised. God started to unfold a hunger from within him to pursue the formation of the prophetic gift in his life. From the time of high school, university, and starting work Peter has consistently pursued a lifestyle of following God’s voice. Up to that point, Peter was led by the Spirit to move to Asia in 2014 where he eventually joined Round Table Church (RTC).  It was his local church at RTC where he recognized his calling to the prophetic ministry. 

A few years later in 2018, Peter and his wife Kidd were commissioned by their local church RTC to lead and grow the prophetic ministry within the church. They walked with a group of people to help build a prophetic culture within the church through training and prophetic activation nights. It was also during this time that someone prophesied over Peter and his family that God would reveal to them their overarching vision for their lives in the following year. This was when they received the grand vision for their family, “To see a world where everyone can hear God’s voice,” which is now the tagline for their ministry, All Can Prophesy (ACP).  

Currently, Peter has been faithfully growing a heart to see many different individuals, churches, and the marketplace beginning to move in the prophetic and embrace the revelatory gifts as a part of their lives. This was the main reason why he founded this ministry called, All Can Prophesy (ACP), to empower individuals, churches, and the marketplace to integrate the prophetic function within their lives. They are starting to see companies partner with prophetic dreams to forecast and make strategic decisions for their businesses. They are starting to see doctors partner with words of knowledge to ask their patients questions that lead to healing and breakthrough. They are seeing God shift atmospheres over companies of demonic influences into heavenly influences and awareness. They are seeing collegial relationships strengthen as colleagues speak prophetic words of life, encouragement, and comfort towards each other. When people allow room and actively partner with God’s voice in their lives they can live an ascended life in all aspects of life!

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