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60 MIN

Want personalized 1:1 coaching to grow your prophetic call or spiritual development? You will not receive a cookie-cutter development method because, at ACP, we believe everyone’s journey is unique to their calling and design. Whether on the spectrum of just beginning to explore the gifts of the Spirit, leading a ministry, or your own spiritual growth and development. We can help empower you to step into the next level of your calling. 


1200 HKD


Prophetic Coaching Includes:

- 90 minutes of preparation time before each session 
- 60 minutes of 1:1 coaching session 
- A recording of the session 
- A typed-out summary report of the session


"I was given prophetic direction on what God is doing in my life this season, and I was taught how to overcome the pressure of expectation. It showed me what I need to grow in my prophetic journey. It's a source of much needed guidance in the prophetic."

Carl Achimbi

Education Industry


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