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Each session includes:

  • Time of personal/corporate prophecy (10 mins)

  • Teaching (20 mins)

  • Prophetic activation exercise (20 mins)

  • Debriefing (10 mins)

Each level is to be booked as a whole package which includes 5 sessions per level. 

Training is customizable upon request.

Donation or honorarium requested.


Level 1: Christians in the Marketplace Paradigm Shift 

Session 1: Honor

Session 2: Spiritual Authority 

Session 3: Favor

Session 4: Assignment

Session 5: Wisdom

Level 2: Christians in the Marketplace Supernatural Toolkit

Session 1: Relational Prophecy 

Session 2: Prophetic Scheduling & Forecasting

Session 3: Prophetic Strategy & Planning

Session 4: Prophetic Declarations & Decrees 

Session 5: Prophetic Decision Making 

Level 3: Diverse Ways of Engaging God in the Marketplace

Session 1: Soaking

Session 2: Worship 

Session 3: Engaging His Presence

Session 4: Conversational Prayers & Asking Questions

Session 5: Operations of the Gifts

Level 4: Group Prophetic Discernment Process

Session 1: Determine the Question to Discern together

Session 2: Indifference 

Session 3: Prophetic listening

Session 4: Sharing and Discussion

Session 5: Alignment and Follow Through

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