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Each session includes:

  • Time of personal/corporate prophecy (10 mins)

  • Teaching (20 mins)

  • Prophetic activation exercise (20 mins)

  • Debriefing (10 mins)

Each level is to be booked as a whole package which includes 5 sessions per level. 

Training is customizable upon request.

Donation or honorarium requested.


Level 1: Introduction to the Gift of Prophecy

Session 1: New Testament Prophecy

Session 2: Friendship with God​

Session 3: The Process of Hearing God

Session 4: Life-Giving Words

Session 5: Introduction to Testing and Weighing Prophecy

Level 2: Prophecy and Personal Growth

Session 1: Pursuit of Wholeness

Session 2: Character Development and Transformation

Session 3: Mindset Transformation

Session 4: Internal World of a Prophetic Person

Session 5: Prophetic Ethics

Level 3: Types of Revelatory Gifts

Session 1: Gift of Discernment

Session 2: Gift of Words of Knowledge

Session 3: Gift of Words of Prophecy

Session 4: Gift of Words of Wisdom

Session 5: Corporate Prophetic Words over Groups

Level 4: Testing and Weighing Prophecy

Session 1: Judging Prophetic Words

Session 2: Discerning Prophetic Words

Session 3: Receiving Prophetic Words

Session 4: Processing Prophetic Words

Session 5: Partnering with Prophetic Words


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