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ACP Services Suggested Amount:


ACP is a ministry of Peter Huang set to empower individuals, churches, and the marketplace to hear God's voice. 

Suggested Amount:

We hope that our clients who are able to give more would consider giving above the suggested amount. Here is a chart of the services a suggested donation amount per person based upon our operational costs.


1:1 Prophetic Coaching 55min - HKD800

1:1 Prophetic Consulting 55min - HKD1000

Company Consulting (up to 5) 55min - HKD1500

Prophetic Training Program for Small Groups:

Trial Session - Free based on a love offering

Church Training (One level consists of 5 sessions)

Marketplace Training (One Level consists of 5 sessions)

HKD2000/Session (10 or less)

HKD3000/Session (Up to 15)

Personalization is available at an additional cost



Partner with us to see a world where everyone can hear God's voice! 

(Donations are not tax-deductible)

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